Bahrain GO Card: How to buy, Recharge / top up the card, How to check the balance, use the card, Validity, Trip Fare?

Bahrain GO Card

A GO Card is the simplest and cheapest way to use our buses. With a GO Card you can board buses much faster, as you just need to Check-In using the ticket machines; you don’t have to worry about having the correct change and you won’t need to ask the driver for change. The machine will automatically charge the correct fare when you Check-In and deduct the fare from the credit on the GO Card.

  • Never pay more than 700 fils per day when using a GO Card
  • GO Weekly Pass 3 BHD (7 Days – unlimited trips)
  • GO Monthly Pass 12 BHD (28 Days – unlimited trips)


  • Each time you make a journey, you are charged a fare of 275 Fils.
  • Once the total cost of all your fares reaches 700 Fils you won’t have to pay for any more journeys for the rest of the day
  • To use The DAILY CAP you need a GO Card.

Where to buy GO Card in Bahrain?

You can buy from the bus drivers (or) ticket offices (or) ticket Vending Machines

  • Ticket offices location: Manama, Isa Town and Muharraq.
  • Ticket Vending Machines location: Manama, Isa Town and Muharraq Bus Terminals, University of Bahrain..
  • Service / Card Fee: 500 Fils

How to recharge Bahrain GO Card?

How to use a GO Card?

  • You Check-In at the start of each journey, by tapping your card on the ticket machines set-up on the buses.
  • Upon checking in, the system will deduct the single trip fare which is 275 fils only.
  • If you have a weekly pass or a monthly (28 day) pass, or any other fare product, then the system will only mark as checked in and will not deduct any balance from your card.

How to report a lost / stolen / damaged Go Card in Bahrain?

  • For the lost GO Card, report to the customer care
  • For the damaged card, you can replace for the new card and the amount is transferable to the new card

What is GO Weekly Pass?

With Go card Weekly pass, you can use 7 days unlimited trip for 3 BHD

What is GO Monthly Pass?

With Go card monthly pass, you can use 28 days unlimited trip for 12 BHD

What are the types of GO cards in Bahrain?

  • Anonymous GO cards
  • Personalized GO cards

How to check Bahrain Go Card Balance Online?

  • To check Bahrain recharge GO Card with STC Pay, please visit
  • The fare will be 275 Fils for the single ticket in the GO Card for all passengers for any single trip, no matter how long it is, and 700 fils for DAILY CAP. Weekly tickets are 3 BHD and Monthly 12 BHD.
  • To recharge online please visit here

Go Card Bahrain Customer Care Phone number

Customer Service Center: 6631 1111

Customer service working hours: 6am – 9pm

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