List of CityBus Routes in Kuwait

Address: City Group Co. KSCP
Sulaibiya Industrial Area 2, Block No.1,
Building No. 800100 Kuwait

Tel: (965) 1882211

Fax: (965) 24677945



What are the types of services available at CityBus, Kuwait?

  • Regular Service
  • Express Service
  • Airport Service

Kuwait CityBus Passes Routes and Rates

Pass Group Name Routes Price (KD)
Daily Pass Unlimited travel for all routes Except Airport Express routes  1.000
Weekly Pass Unlimited travel for all routes Except Airport Express routes.  4.000
Monthly Pass–1 Route Unlimited travel on any 1 route Except Airport Express routes. 11.000
Monthly Pass Unlimited travel for all routes Except Airport Express routes.  15.000
3 Month Pass Unlimited travel on all CityBus routes for 3 months Except Airport Express routes.  40.000

View the List of CityBus Routes in Kuwait Route Map, Timetable, Frequency

Bus No Routes
11 Sharq to Amghara
12 Sharq to Sulaibiya
13 Mirqab to Airport
14 Mirqab to Messila
15 Sheraton to Salmiya
16 Sheraton to Jleeb
17 Sharq to Salmiya
18 Sheraton to UN Circle
19 UN Circle to Salmiya
21 Mirqab to Jleeb
23 Mirqab to Khaitan to Subhan
24 Mirqab to Salmiya to Messila
25 Jabriya to Jahra
26 Sharq to Sulaibiya
34 UN Circle to Civil ID Office to Salmiya
38 Maliya to Da’ahiya
39 Sharq to Jleeb to Khaitan to Subhan
40 Sharq to Fahaheel
41 UN Circle to Khaitan
44 Sharq to Subhan
51 Sharq to Jleeb
55 Maliya to Salmiya
59 Hassawi to Mirqab
66 Hassawi to Salmiya
77 Salmiya to Khaitan
88 Salmiya to Jleeb
99 Airport to Jleeb
to Civil ID Office
101 Mirqab Civil ID Office to Fahaheel
102 Sheraton to Messila
102 Fahaheel to Messila
103 Mirqab to Jahra
105 Fahaheel to Hassawi
106 Jleeb to Messila
106 Messila to Fahaheel
139 Maliya to UN Circle
205 Fahaheel to Beneidar
500 Jleeb to Abdaly
501 Mirqab to Airport
502 Fahaheel to Mirqab
506 Jleeb to Maliya
507 Sharq to Jleeb
555 Maliya to Hassawi
602 Fahaheel to Ahmadi
747 Jleeb to Airport
747 Airport to Farwaniya
747 Jleeb to Farwaniya
999 Sheraton to Messila
999 Sheraton to Fahaheel
999 Messila to Fahaheel
102A Maliya to Fahaheel
102A Hawally to Fahaheel
102A Messila to Fahaheel
102X Fahaheel to Messila
105A Fahaheel to Hassawi
105A Messila to Fahaheel
105A Hassawi to Fahaheel
105A Hassawi to Messila
106X Jleeb to Fahaheel
106X Jleeb to Messila
106X Messila to Fahaheel
21A Sharq to Farwaniya
21A Sharq to Farwaniyah
23A Mirqab to Khaitan to Civil Id Office
39A Riggae to Subhan
39A Sharq to Riggae
39A Sharq to Subhan
40A UN Circle to Fahaheel
66X Salmiya to Hassawi
66X Hassawi to Salmiya
77X Salmiya to Ardiya
77X Salmiya to Shuwaikh
77X Salmiya to Ardiya
A1 Salmiya to Avenues
A2 Farwaniya to Avenues
Kuwait City Express Maliya Sheraton to Al Soor Tower
X1 Fahaheel to Airport
X2 Salmiya to Airport
X3 Bneid Al Gar to Airport
X4 Riggae to Airport

To buy single and Day pass tickets get on the bus

Route No  From To Ticket Fares
A2 Farwaniya Avenues 300 Fils
A1 Salmiya Avenues 350 Fils
13 Mirqab Airport 300 Fils
15 Sheraton Salmiya 300 Fils
16 Sheraton Jleeb 300 Fils
18 Sheraton UN Circle 300 Fils
21A Sharq Farwaniya 300 Fils
21 Mirqab Jleeb 300 Fils
39A Riggae Subhan 300 Fils
44 Sharq Subhan 300 Fils
51 Sharq Jleeb 300 Fils
59 Hassawi Mirqab 300 Fils
66 Hassawi Salmiya 300 Fils
66X Hassawi Salmiya 300 Fils
77X Salmiya Shuwaikh 300 Fils
77 Salmiya Khaitan 300 Fils
102 Sheraton Messila 300 Fils
102A Maliya Fahaheel 350 Fils
102X Fahaheel Messila 300 Fils
103 Mirqab Jahra 300 Fils
105A Messila Fahaheel 300 Fils
106 Jleeb Messila 300 Fils
106X Jleeb Messila 300 Fils
507 Sharq Jleeb 300 Fils
747 Jleeb Airport 300 Fils
999 Sheraton Messila 300 Fils


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