FlexiPass, New Zealand: How to buy, Recharge the card, Check balance?

What is FlexiPass?

InterCity FlexiPass is an hourly based bus pass. A flexi Pass is valid  for 12 months from the date of activation. FlexiPass also includes travel to top destinations on the InterIslander ferry and select day tours.


What are the features of FlexiPass?

  • Keep track of your hours, plan your routes, and book day tours, all in one place
  • The bus travel comes out of your FlexiPass hours
  • Top up your card anytime
  • Flexible Travel
  • InterIslander ferry is included in FlexiPass
  • Your pass is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

What are the types of Flexipass and cost?

Pass Type Cost
10 hours $139
15 hours $169
20 hours $203
25 hours $239
30 hours $269
35 hours $314
40 hours $355
45 hours $395
50 hours $436
55 hours $477
60 hours $518
65 hours $559
70 hours $589
75 hours $610
80 hours $641

How to buy FlexiPass in New Zealand?

1.Visit https://www.intercity.co.nz/bus-pass/flexipass-buy-pass

2. Select your Pass type


3. Enter the name, email and phone number

4. Enter the Access code

5. Click “submit”


How to log in FlexiPass account?


How to top-up FlexiPass?

  1. Log in your account
  2. Select one of the top up options.
  3. Make a Payment

How to contact for any enquiries about the FlexiPass, New Zealand?

Contact Center: 0800 222 146

Email: info@intercity.co.nz.


1.Is there a refund on FlexiPass?

  • No. Once a pass has been activated it cannot be refunded

2. What are the services include the Pass?

  • FlexiPass® is only valid for travel on InterCity (IC) bus services, selected GreatSights New Zealand (GS) coach services and awesomeNZ (AW) services, plus Interislander (II) ferry travel.

3. How to sell your FlexiPass?

  • You can sell your unused pass hours to other customers. Once you have sold your pass, please contact Flexipass customer service by phone or email so their can transfer the pass to the new owner.
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