Yolobus USA Bus Route 230 West Davis / Sacramento Express: Timetables, Maps, Schedules, Frequency

Yolobus USA Bus Route 230 starts from West Davis to Sacramento Express.

Route 230 Routes and Stops:

Yolobus USA Bus Route 230 starts from F at Anderson through Covell at Sycamore, Arlington at Lake, Arlington at Shasta, Eisenhower at Amador, Arthur at Alameda, Capitol Mall at Front, J at 8th, 9th at N, 10th at N, 16th at Capitol Ave, H at 11th, 15th at N, P at 13th, 10th at N, Capitol Mall at 7th, Capitol Mall at Front, Arthur at Alameda, Eisenhower at Amador, Arlington at Shasta, Arlington at Lake, West Covell at Sycamore.

F at Anderson 05:59
Covell at Sycamore 06:06
Arlington at Lake 06:12
Arlington at Shasta 06:14
Eisenhower at Amador 06:16
Arthur at Alameda 06:19
Capitol Mall at Front 06:44
J at 8th 06:48
9th at N 06:51
10th at N 06:55
16th at Capitol Ave. 06:57
H at 11th 04:32
15th at N 04:37
P at 13th 04:41
10th at N 04:43
Capitol Mall at 7th 04:48
Capitol Mall at Front 04:51
Arthur at Alameda 05:23
Eisenhower at Amador 05:26
Arlington at Shasta 05:28
Arlington at Lake 05:30
West Covell at Sycamore 05:34
F at Anderson 05:41

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Yolobus USA Route 230 Official Website: https://yolobus.com/route/route-230/

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