Motion Bus Card, Cyprus: How to buy, Recharge the card, Check the balance online?

The Motion Bus Card is a reloadable plastic pass about the size of a credit card. It is available as a multi-trip single-use paper-pass. All types of smart cards can be used on two different bus routes within 60 minutes of first use without any additional charges. A rechargeable (plastic) motion bus card has three different periods of fare (eg 7 days, 30 days or 365 days) and can be charged in cash (e-wallet).

Motion Bus Card


What are the types of Motion Bus Card, Cyprus?

Personalized: bearing the card holder’s photo and personal data.

Motion Bus Card

Anonymous: does not require the holder’s personal data.

Motion Bus Card

What are the prices / validity?

Card Cost

  • Card replacement due to loss, theft, damage costs €5.
Personalized Plastic Smart Card Anonymous Plastic Smart Card
  • 7-Days – €25.00
  • 30-Days – €50.00
  • 365-Days – €500.00
  • 7-Days – €35.00
  • 30-Days – €70.00


  • The card is valid for 6 months from issue for first cancellation.

How to buy Motion Bus Card?

You can buy your card:

  • Online
  • All Motion Bus Card ticket offices
  • Ticket office at Solomou Square
  • Makario Stadium Station
  • General Hospital Station
  • Tamasos Station
  • Alampra Station
  • Larnaca Central Station
  • Larnaca Airport
  • Kofinou Station

How to buy Motion Bus Card through Online?

  1. Visit Online
  2. Select your card
  3. Enter the district, name, ID and ID number
  4. Enter the nationality, date of birth, country, and address
  5. Upload your Photos and documents
  6. Make a Payment

Motion Bus Card

How to top-up Motion Bus Card?

  1. Visit the above link
  2. Enter the card number
  3. Select the Payment option
  4. Make a Payment
  5. Click “TopUp Now”

How to check balance Motion Bus Card in Cyprus?

  1. Visit the above link
  2. Enter the card number
  3. To Check your card balance

How to contact for any enquiries about the Motion Bus Card, Cyprus?



Contact Center: 1416 (SALE POINTS)

Working Day/Hours: MON – FRI 06:00 – 21:00, SAT – SUN 08:00 – 16:00 (SALE POINTS)


1. Is there a refund on the card?

  • The “personalized” smart card, offers the right of a refund (the balance) in case of loss or damage by paying only the replacement cost.

2. How much money you can save on your card?

  • Any amount you want up to 50 euros.


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