List of Bus Routes / Lines in Hong Kong

List of Bus Routes in Hong Kong Customer Service, Hotfax Services

Hong Kong CityBus Customer Service Hotline

Phone: (852) 2136 8888

Customer Service Representative Service hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm daily (pre-recorded messages are available after service hours)

Customer Service Hotfax at Hong Kong

Service Suggestions Phone: 2136 8888, 2136 2136

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How to contact Hong Kong Customer Service Centre?

Airport Airport Ground Transportation Centre (next to coach terminus) 8:00am – 8:00pm daily
Admiralty Admiralty (East) Bus Terminus, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong Mondays to Saturdays: 2:45pm – 6:45pm (Except Wednesdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)

How to get Private Hire Service in Hong Kong?

Enquiry for service:

Fax: 2947 0293

Office hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 18:00; closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)

Note: The reference rates are based on hiring a standard double-decker with 76 seats for off-peak hours* (* Monday to Friday 10:00 to 16:00, 19:00 to 22:00)

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Hong Kong Bus NoFromTo
1Felix VillasHappy Valley (Upper)
1MExhibition Centre stationWong Nai Chung Gap
2Grand PromenadeCentral (Macau Ferry)
2AYiu Tung EstateExhibition Centre station
2XSai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade)Exhibition Centre station
3ACentral (Star Ferry)Felix Villas
4Wong Chuk HangCentral (Exchange Square)
4Wah Fu (South)Central
4Tin WanWah Fu (South)
4XWah Fu (South)Central (Exchange Square)
5BKennedy TownCauseway Bay (Hong Kong Stadium)
5BTung Lo Wan RoadKennedy Town
5XKennedy TownCauseway Bay (Whitfield Road)
6Stanley PrisonCentral (Exchange Square)
6Stanley Prison (Via Ma Hang)Central (Exchange Square)
6ACentral (Exchange Square)Stanley Fort (Gate)
6XStanley PrisonCentral (Exchange Square)
6XStanley Fort (Gate)Central (Exchange Square)
7Shek Pai WanCentral Ferry Piers
8Heng Fa ChuenExhibition Centre station
8HSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Tung Wah Eastern Hospital
8PSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Exhibition Centre station
8SHappy Valley RacecourseSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
8XSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Happy Valley (Upper)
8XSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Causeway Bay (Causeway Road)
9Shek OShau Kei Wan
10Kennedy TownNorth Point Ferry Pier
11Central Ferry PiersJardine's Lookout
11Central Ferry PiersTai Hang Drive
12Central (Pier 3)Robinson Road
12AAdmiralty (Tamar Street)MacDonnell Road
12MAdmiralty (Tamar Street)Park Road
13Admiralty (Tamar Street)Kotewall Road (Mid-levels)
14Sai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade)Stanley Fort (Gate)
14Grand PromenadeMa Hang (Stanley Plaza)
15The PeakCentral (Pier 5)
15The PeakCentral (Exchange Square)
15BThe PeakWan Chai (HKCEC Extension)
15CGarden Road (Lower Peak Tram Terminus)Central (Star Ferry)
18North Point (Healthy Street Central)Kennedy Town (Belcher Bay)
18North Point (Healthy Street Central)Sheung Wan
18PKennedy Town (Belcher Bay)North Point (Healthy Street Central)
18XKennedy Town (Belcher Bay)Shau Kei Wan
18XChai Wan stationKennedy Town (Belcher Bay)
19PShau Kei WanHappy Valley
23Pokfield RoadNorth Point Ferry Pier
23BBraemar HillRobinson Road
23BPark RoadBraemar Hill
23XPokfield RoadSai Wan Ho
25Central (Pier 3)Braemar Hill
25AExhibition Centre stationBraemar Hill
26Lai Tak TsuenHollywood Road
27North Point Ferry PierBraemar Hill
30XCyberportAdmiralty (East)
30XCentral (Exchange Square)Cyberport
33XCyberportSai Wan Ho
37AChi Fu Fa YuenCentral
37BChi Fu Fa YuenAdmiralty
37BCentral (Exchange Square)Chi Fu Fa Yuen
37XChi Fu Fa YuenAdmiralty
38Chi Fu Fa YuenNorth Point Ferry Pier
40Wah Fu (North)Exhibition Centre station
40MWah Fu (North)Exhibition Centre station
40PWah Fu (North)Robinson Road
40PWah KwaiRobinson Road
40PSham WanRobinson Road
41AWah Fu (Central)North Point Ferry Pier
41AWah Fu (Central)North Point Ferry Pier
42Wah Fu (South)North Point Ferry Pier
42CCyberportNorth Point Ferry Pier
43MTin WanShek Tong Tsui
47PKennedy Town (Belcher Bay)Wong Chuk Hang
48Sham WanWah Fu (North)
48Ocean ParkWah Fu (North)
49XSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Cyberport
63Stanley PrisonNorth Point Ferry Pier
65Stanley MarketNorth Point Ferry Pier
66Stanley Plaza (Ma Hang)Central (Exchange Square)
70Wah KwaiCentral (Exchange Square)
70PShek Pai WanCentral (Exchange Square)
71Wong Chuk HangCentral (Rumsey Street)
71PSham WanCentral Ferry Piers
72Wah Kwai EstateCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
72ASham WanCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
73Wah Ming Tai Po Central
73Wah Fu (North)Stanley Prison
73PSham WanCyberport
75Sham WanCentral (Exchange Square)
76Wong Chuk Hang StationCauseway Bay
76Shek Pai WanCauseway Bay
77Tin WanShau Kei Wan
77AShau Kei WanTin Wan
77XWah Kwai EstateSai Wan Ho
78Wong Chuk HangWah Kwai Estate
81Hing Wah EstateLai Tak Tsuen
81AHing Wah EstateLai Tak Tsuen
82Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)North Point Ferry Pier
82SSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Yiu Tung (Wai Hang Street)
82SShaukeiwan PlazaSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
82XSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Quarry Bay
85Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Braemar Hill
85Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)North Point Ferry Pier
85Braemar HillSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
85AShau Kei WanBraemar Hill
85ANorth Point Ferry PierShau Kei Wan
85AAldrich BayBraemar Hill
85PSiu Sai Wan (Harmony Garden)Braemar Hill
85PBraemar HillSiu Sai Wan
88XSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Kennedy Town (Belcher Bay)
90Ap Lei Chau EstateCentral (Exchange Square)
90BSouth HorizonsAdmiralty (East)
90CAp Lei Chau Main StreetCentral (Jardine House)
91Ap Lei Chau EstateCentral Ferry Piers
91South Horizons (Mei Hong Court)Central Ferry Piers
91AAp Lei Chau EstateWah Fu (South)
93Ap Lei Chau EstateRobinson Road
93South HorizonsRobinson Road
93ALei Tung EstateRobinson Road
93CTin WanCaine Road
93CAp Lei Chau Main StreetCaine Road
94AWah Fu (Central)Lei Tung Estate
95Ap Lei Chau (Lee Nam Road Industrial Area)Shek Pai Wan
95Ap Lei Chau EstateShek Pai Wan
95Ap Lei Chau EstateAberdeen (Lok Yeung Street)
95CAp Lei Chau EstateChi Fu Fa Yuen
95PTin WanAp Lei Chau Estate
97Lei Tung EstateCentral (Exchange Square)
98Lei Tung EstateAberdeen (Chengtu Road)
99South HorizonsShau Kei Wan
99XSouth HorizonsSai Wan Ho
99XAp Lei Chau Main StreetSai Wan Ho
260Stanley PrisonCentral (Exchange Square)
314Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Stanley Prison
511Tai Hang DriveCentral Ferry Piers
592South HorizonsCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
629South HorizonsAberdeen
629Central (Star Ferry)Water World
629MWater WorldWong Chuk Hang station
720Sai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade)Central (Macau Ferry)
720Sai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade)Central (Wing Wo Street)
720Sai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade)Central (Wing Wo Street)
720ASai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade)Admiralty (Admiralty Centre)
720ASai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade)Central (Pedder Street)
720PTaikoo ShingCentral (Wing Wo Street)
720PTaikoo ShingCentral (Wing Wo Street)
720XSai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade)Central (Rumsey Street)
722Yiu Tung EstateCentral Ferry Piers
722Yiu Tung EstateCentral (Pier 3)
722Yiu Tung EstateCentral (Exchange Square)
780Chai Wan (East)Central Ferry Piers
780PHing WahCentral Ferry Piers
788Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Central Ferry Piers
789Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Admiralty (Rodney Street)
N8Exhibition Centre stationHeng Fa Chuen
N8PSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Wan Chai (Harbour Road)
N8XSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Kennedy Town
N72Wah Kwai EstateQuarry Bay (Hoi Chak Street)
N90South HorizonsCentral (Macau Ferry)
X8Happy Valley (Upper)Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
X9Shek OCentral (Star Ferry)
X15The PeakCentral (Star Ferry)
Kowloon, New kowloon Bus NoFromTo
1Star FerryChuk Yuen Estate
1AStar FerrySau Mau Ping (Central)
2Star FerryCheung Sha Wan (So Uk Estate)
2AMei FooLok Wah
2BCheung Sha WanChuk Yuen Estate
2DChak On EstateWong Tai Sin
2EKowloon City FerryPak Tin (North)
2FTsz Wan Shan (North)Cheung Sha Wan
2PCheung Sha WanTsz Wan Shan (North)
2XMei FooChoi Fook
3BHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)Tsz Wan Shan (Central)
3CChina Ferry TerminalTsz Wan Shan (North)
3DKwun Tong (Yue Man Square)Tsz Wan Shan (Central)
3DKwun Tong (Yue Man Square)Tsz Wan Shan (South)
3MChoi WanTsz Wan Shan (North)
3SDiamond Hill stationDiamond Hill Cemetery
3XTsz Wan Shan (North)China Ferry Terminal
3XJordan (West Kowloon station)Tsz Wan Shan (North)
5Star FerryFu Shan
5AStar FerryKai Tak (Kai Ching Estate)
5CStar FerryTsz Wan Shan (Central)
5CYuk Wah StreetStar Ferry
5DTelford GardensHung Hom
5MKai Tak (Tak Long Estate)Kowloon Bay station
5PTsz Wan Shan (Central)Star Ferry
5RKai Tak Cruise TerminalKwun Tong (apm)
5XTsz Wan Shan (Central)Star Ferry
6Star FerryLai Chi Kok
6CKowloon City FerryMei Foo
6DMei FooNgau Tau Kok
6FSham Shui Po (Lai Kok Estate)Kowloon City Ferry
6PCheung Sha Wan (So Uk Estate)Lei Yue Mun Estate
6RMei FooNgong Shuen Chau Naval Base
6XMei FooKowloon City Ferry
7Star FerryLok Fu
7BHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)Lok Fu
7MLok FuChuk Yuen Estate
8Star FerryKowloon station (The Cullinan)
8AWhampoa GardenTsim Sha Tsui
8PLaguna VerdeTsim Sha Tsui
8PLaguna VerdeTsim Sha Tsui (Hankow Road)
8PWhampoa GardenStar Ferry
9Choi FookTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
10Choi WanTai Kok Tsui
11Kowloon stationDiamond Hill station
11BKwun Tong (Tsui Ping Road)Kowloon City Ferry Pier
11CSau Mau Ping (Upper)Chuk Yuen Estate
11DLok FuKwun Tong Ferry
11KChuk Yuen EstateHung Hom station
11XOn Tai (North)Hung Hom station
12Hoi Lai EstateTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
12AWhampoa GardenCheung Sha Wan (Sham Mong Road)
12PHoi Lai EstateHung Hom station
13DIsland HarbourviewPo Tat
13MKwun Tong (Elegance Road)Po Tat
13MPo TatKwun Tong station
13PPo TatLai Kok
13XTsim Sha Tsui EastPo Tat
13XChoi FookTsim Sha Tsui East
14China Ferry TerminalLei Yue Mun Estate
14BNgau Tau KokLam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate)
14BLok WahLam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate)
14DChoi HungYau Tong
14DLam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate)Choi Hung
14HYau TongShun Lee
14SYau TongTseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery
14XYau Tong (Shung Tak Wai)/ Lei Yue MunTsim Sha Tsui
15Hung Hom (Hung Luen Road)Ping Tin
15ATsz Wan Shan (North)Ping Tin
15XLam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate)Hung Hom station
16Lam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate)Mong Kok (Park Avenue)
16Ping TinMong Kok (Park Avenue)
16MKwun Tong (Yue Man Square)Lam Tin (Hong Wah Court)
16XLam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate)Mong Kok (Park Avenue)
17Kwun Tong (Yue Man Square)Oi Man
18Cheung Sha Wan (Sham Mong Road)Oi Man
21Choi WanHung Hom station
23Kwun Tong FerryShun Lee
23Shun TinKwun Tong Ferry
23MLok WahShun Lee
24Kai YipMong Kok
26Shun TinTsim Sha Tsui East
26MChoi HungKwun Tong
26XShun TinTsim Sha Tsui East
27Shun TinMong Kok
28Star FerryLok Wah
28BChoi FookKai Tak (Kai Ching Estate)
28SKwun Tong (Yue Man Square)Lok Wah
29MShun LeeSan Po Kong
203CTai Hang TungTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
203EChoi HungKowloon station
203SChak On EstateTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
203XChoi HungJordan (Battery Street)
208Tsim Sha Tsui EastBroadcast Drive
211Tsui Chuk GardenWong Tai Sin station
211ALok FuTsui Chuk Garden
213AOn TatChoi Hung station
213BOn TaiKwun Tong
213DSau Mau Ping (Central)Mong Kok
213MOn TaiLam Tin station
213SOn TatLam Tin station
213XOn Tai (South)Tsim Sha Tsui
214Yau TongCheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street)
214Po TatCheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street)
214POn Sau RoadCheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street)
215PLam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate)Kowloon station
215RHong Kong ColiseumShun Tin
215XKowloon stationLam Tin (Kwong Tin Estate)
216MLam Tin stationYau Tong station
219XLaguna CityTsim Sha Tsui
224RHong Kong ColiseumWong Tai Sin
224XKai YipTsim Sha Tsui
224XKai Tak (Kai Ching Estate)Kai Yip
N3DKwun Tong (Yue Man Square)Tsz Wan Shan (Central)
N213Tsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)On Tai (West)
N214Yau TongMei Foo
N216Hung Hom stationYau Tong
W2Jordan (West Kowloon station)Lam Tin station
W2Millennium CityJordan (West Kowloon station)
W2Jordan (West Kowloon station)Laguna Park
X6CMei FooKowloon Bay
New Territories Bus NoFromTo
30Tsuen Wan (Allway Gardens)Cheung Sha Wan
30XTsuen Wan (Allway Gardens)Whampoa Garden
31Tsuen Wan West stationShek Lei (Lei Pui Street)
31AKwai Chung EstateShek Lei (Tai Loong Street)
31BOlympic stationShek Lei (Tai Loong Street)
31MKwai Fong stationShek Lei (Lei Pui Street)
31PShek Lei Commercial ComplexKwai Fong station
32Shek Wai KokOlympic station
32HCheung ShanLai Chi Kok
32MKwai Fong stationCheung Shan
32HTsuen Wan (Castle Peak Road)Yuen Yuen Institute
33Yau TongTsuen Wan West station
33AMong Kok (Park Avenue)Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
33BYau TongTsuen Wan West station
33RTsuen Wan (Discovery Park)Pak Tam Chung
34Kwai Shing (Central)Tsuen Wan (Bayview Garden)
34MTsuen Wan (Bayview Garden)Tsuen Wan station
35ATsim Sha Tsui EastOn Yam
35XOn YamTsim Sha Tsui East
36Tsuen Wan West stationLei Muk Shue
36Lei Muk ShueTsuen Wan West station
36ALei Muk ShueCheung Sha Wan (Sham Mong Road)
36BLei Muk ShueJordan (West Kowloon station)
36MLei Muk ShueKwai Fong station
36RHong Kong ColiseumShek Wai Kok
36XLei Muk ShueTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
37Olympic stationKwai Shing (Central)
37MKwai Hing stationKwai Shing (Central)
38Kwai Shing (East)Ping Tin
38AMei FooRiviera Gardens
38BRiviera GardensShek Mun Estate
38PKwai Shing (Central)Ping Tin
38SKwai Fong stationTsuen Wan Chinese Permanent Cemetery
39ATsuen Wan West stationAllway Gardens
39MAllway GardensTsuen Wan station
40Tsuen Wan (Belvedere Garden)Laguna City
40AKwai Hing stationPing Tin
Nai ChungKwai Fong Estate
40EKwai Fong (South)Nai Chung
40PTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)Kwun Tong Ferry Pier
40XKwai Chung EstateWu Kai Sha station
40XMa On Shan Town CentreKwai Chung Estate
41Kowloon City FerryCheung Ching
41ATsim Sha Tsui EastCheung On
41MTsuen Wan stationTsing Yi Ferry
41RHong Kong ColiseumCheung Ching
42Cheung HongShun Lee
42ACheung HangJordan (West Kowloon station)
42CCheung HangLam Tin station
42MCheung WangTsuen Wan (Discovery Park)
43Cheung HongTsuen Wan West station
43ACheung WangShek Lei (Tai Loong Street)
43BCheung ChingTsuen Wan West station
43CCheung HongIsland Harbourview
43CIsland HarbourviewCheung Hang
43DCheung WangKwai Shing
43MKwai Fong stationCheung Ching
43PTsuen Wan West stationHong Kong Science Park Phase III
43PHong Kong Science ParkTsuen Wan West station
43SShek YamHong Kong Science Park Phase III
43XTsuen Wan West stationMa On Shan (Yiu On Estate)
43XPo Tai StreetTsuen Wan West station
44Mong Kok East stationTsing Yi Estate
44MTsing Yi stationKwai Chung Estate
44MCheung OnKwai Hing station
45Kowloon City FerryLai Yiu
46Jordan (West Kowloon station)Lai Yiu
46PMei TinKwai Fong station
46PMei TinKwai Fong station
46RTai Wai stationNgong Shuen Chau Naval Base
46SHin KengTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
46XHin KengMei Foo
47AShui Chuen OKwai Fong (South)
47XChun ShekKwai Shing (East)
47XSun Tin WaiKwai Shing (East)
48PFo Tan Chun Yeung EstateTsing Lung Tau
48XWo CheBayview Garden
49MChing Fu CourtTsing Yi station
49PSha Tin CentralTsing Yi Ferry
49XKwong YuenTsing Yi Ferry
49XShek Mun EstateTsing Yi Ferry
51Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)Sheung Tsuen
52STuen Mun Road InterchangeTsang Tsui
52XTuen Mun CentralMong Kok (Park Avenue)
52XSo Kwun WatMong Kok (Park Avenue)
53Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)Yuen Long station
54Yuen Long (West)Sheung Tsuen
56STuen Mun stationTsang Tsui
57MTuen Mun (Shan King)Lai King (North)
58MTuen Mun (Leung King Estate)Kwai Fong station
58MKin SangKwai Fong station
58MPo TinKwai Fong station
58PKwai Fong stationTin King Estate (Tin Yue House)
58XTuen Mun (Leung King Estate)Mong Kok East station
58XKin SangMong Kok East station
59ATuen Mun Ferry PierKwai Fong (Kwai Tsui Estate)
59MTuen Mun Ferry PierTsuen Wan station
59MSun Tuen Mun CentreTsuen Wan station
59MYuet Wu VillaTsuen Wan station
59XTuen Mun Ferry PierMong Kok East station
59XSun Tuen Mun CentreMong Kok East station
59XLung Mun OasisMong Kok East station
60MTuen Mun stationTsuen Wan station
60XTuen Mun CentralJordan (West Kowloon station)
61AYau Oi (South)Tuen Mun Road Interchange
61MYau Oi (South)Lai King (North)
61PSo Kwun WatTsuen Wan station
61SWo Hop ShekTuen Mun Central
61XTuen Mun CentralKowloon City Ferry Pier
62PTuen Mun CentralLei Yue Mun Estate
62XSiu Hong station (South)Lei Yue Mun Estate
63RTai Po Market stationLam Tsuen
63XHung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate)Jordan (West Kowloon station)
64KYuen Long (West)Tai Po Market station
64KKadoorie FarmTai Wo
64KSheung Tsuen PlaygroundYuen Long (West)
64PTai Po Market stationKadoorie Farm
64SSheung Tsuen PlaygroundKam Sheung Road station
64XYuen Long (West)Hong Kong Science Park Phase III
65KKadoorie FarmTai Po Central
65XTin Yan EstateHong Kong Science Park Phase III
66MTai HingTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
66XTai HingOlympic station
67APo TinKwai Fong (Kwai Tsui Estate)
67MSiu Hong CourtKwai Fong station
67XSiu Hong CourtMong Kok East station
68Park YOHOYOHO Mall
68ALong Ping EstateTsing Yi station
68EYuen Long ParkTsing Yi station
68FPark YOHOYuen Long Park
68MYuen Long (West)Tsuen Wan station
68RYuen Long (Yoho Mall)Tai Tong
68XHung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate)Mong Kok (Park Avenue)
68XYuen Long (West)Mong Kok (Park Avenue)
68XYuet Ping House Long Ping EstateMong Kok (Park Avenue)
69Tin Shui Wai Town CentreYuen Long (Tak Yip Street)
69CTin Yan EstateKwun Tong Ferry Pier
69MTin Shui Wai Town CentreKwai Fong station
69PTin Shui Wai stationKwai Fong station
69XTin ShuiJordan (West Kowloon station)
69XTin YiuJordan (West Kowloon station)
70KFanling (Wah Ming)Sheung Shui (Ching Ho Estate)
70KSheung Shui (Ching Ho Estate)Fanling (Wah Ming)
70SWo Hop ShekHung Hom station
71ATai Po (Fu Heng)Tai Po Market station
71BTai Po (Fu Heng)Tai Po Central
71KTai WoTai Po Market station
71STai Po (Fu Shin)Kwong Fuk
72Cheung Sha WanTai Wo
72ATai Wai stationTai Po Industrial Estate
72CTai Mei TukTai Po Market station
72XTai Po CentralMong Kok (Park Avenue)
73Wah MingTai Po Industrial Estate
73Wah MingTai Po Central
73AWah MingYu Chui Court
73BNethersole HospitalSheung Shui
73BUnion PlazaNethersole Hospital
73BNethersole HospitalSheung Shui station
73DKwong Fuk MarketTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
73DTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)Fu Shin Estate
73KSheung ShuiMan Kam To
73PTai Mei TukTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
73XFu Shin EstateTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
74ATai WoKai Yip
74BTai Po CentralKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74BKowloon BayTai Po Central
74CKau Lung HangKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74DKau Lung HangKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74ETai Mei TukKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74FEducation University of Hong KongKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74KTai Po Market stationSam Mun Tsai
74PTai Po CentralKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74PHong Kong Science Park Phase IIIKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74RTai WoPak Tam Chung
74SWo Hop ShekPing Tin
74XTai Po CentralKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74XWan Tau TongKwun Tong Ferry Pier
74XKwong FukKwun Tong Ferry Pier
75KTai Mei TukTai Po Market station
75PTai Mei TukTai Po Market station
75XTai Po (Fu Shin)Kowloon City Ferry Pier
76KYuen Long (Long Ping Estate)Sheung Shui (Ching Ho Estate)
76KFanling (Wah Ming)Yuen Long (Long Ping Estate)
76SWo Hop ShekFanling station
76SWo Hop Shek (Kiu Tau Road)Fanling station
77KYuen Long (Fung Cheung Road)Sheung Shui
77KPing KongYuen Long (West)
78Sha Tau KokFung Ying Sin Koon
78AQueen's HillFanling station
78AShan Lai CourtFanling station
78BQueen's HillChoi Yuen
78KSheung ShuiSha Tau Kok
78KTai PingSha Tau Kok
78KSha Tau KokWah Ming
79KSheung ShuiTa Kwu Ling (Tsung Yuen Ha)
80Mei LamKwun Tong Ferry Pier
80AMei LamKwun Tong Ferry Pier
80KSun ChuiYu Chui Court
80MSui Wo CourtKowloon Tong station
80PHin KengKwun Tong Ferry Pier
80XChun ShekKwun Tong Ferry Pier
80XJat Min Chuen StreetKwun Tong Ferry Pier
81Wo CheJordan (West Kowloon station)
81CYiu OnTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
81KSui Wo CourtSun Tin Wai
81SMei TinNathan Road (Public Square Street)
82BMei TinTai Wai station
82CKwong YuenHong Kong Science Park Phase III
82DTai Wai stationPak Shek Kok
82KMei LamWong Nai Tau
82PShek Mun EstateDiamond Hill station
82XRavana GardenWong Tai Sin
83AShui Chuen OKwun Tong Ferry Pier
83KWong Nai TauSha Tin Central
83KShek Mun EstateSha Tin Central
83PWong Nai TauWo Che
83SWong Nai TauSha Tin Central
83XShui Chuen OKwun Tong Ferry Pier
83XWong Nai TauKwun Tong Ferry Pier
84MChevalier GardenLok Fu
85Fo Tan (Shan Mei Street)Kowloon City Ferry Pier
85AKwong YuenKowloon City Ferry Pier
85BChun ShekKowloon City Ferry Pier
85KHeng OnSha Tin station
85KChevalier GardenSha Tin station
85MKam Ying CourtWong Tai Sin
85SYiu OnHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
85XMa On Shan Town CentreHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
85XWu Kai Sha stationHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
86Wong Nai TauMei Foo
86ACheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street)Sha Tin Wai
86CLee OnCheung Sha Wan
86KKam Ying CourtSha Tin station
86SKam Ying CourtSha Tin station
87BIsland HarbourviewSun Tin Wai
87DKam Ying CourtHung Hom station
87DMa On Shan Town CentreHung Hom station
87ENai ChungTsim Sha Tsui (Middle Road)
87ETsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)Nai Chung
87KUniversity stationKam Ying Court
87KMa On Shan Town CentreUniversity station
87PLee OnChung On
87RHong Kong ColiseumWu Kai Sha Station
87SKam Ying CourtUniversity station
88Tai Wai stationSau Mau Ping (Central)
88KHin KengRoyal Ascot
88XFo Tan Chun Yeung EstatePing Tin
89Lek YuenKwun Tong (Tsui Ping North Estate)
89BSha Tin WaiNgau Tau Kok
89CHeng OnKwun Tong (Tsui Ping Road)
89DWu Kai Sha stationLam Tin station
89PMa On Shan Town CentreLam Tin station
89PYiu Him House Yiu On EstateLam Tin station
89SYuen Chau KokWu Kai Sha station
89SShui Chuen OWu Kai Sha station
89XSha Tin stationKwun Tong (Tsui Ping Road)
90Choi MingShek Mun Estate
91Diamond Hill stationClear Water Bay
91Choi HungClear Water Bay
91ADiamond Hill stationClear Water Bay
91AClear Water BayChoi Hung (Hung Ngok House)
91MDiamond Hill stationPo Lam
91MHong Kong University of Science and Technology (North)Po Lam
91PDiamond Hill stationHong Kong University of Science and Technology (North)
91PHong Kong University of Science and Technology (South)Choi Hung station
91RClear Water BayChoi Ming
91SClear Water BayHang Hau station
92Diamond Hill stationSai Kung
92RSai KungStar Ferry
93APo LamKwun Tong Ferry Pier
93KPo LamMong Kok East station
93MChoi MingPo Lam
93PPo LamMong Kok (Park Avenue)
94Sai KungWong Shek Pier
95Kowloon stationTsui Lam
95MKwun Tong (Elegance Road)Tsui Lam
96Hong Sing GardenTai Po Industrial Estate
96RDiamond Hill stationWong Shek Pier
97Hong Sing GardenWu Kai Sha station
98Tseung Kwan O Industrial EstateNgau Tau Kok station
98AHang Hau (North)Ngau Tau Kok station
98ANgau Tau Kok stationHang Hau (North)
98BHang Hau (North)Kwun Tong
98CMei FooHang Hau (North)
98DTsim Sha Tsui EastHang Hau (North)
98DLOHAS Park stationTsim Sha Tsui East
98PHong Sing GardenTsim Sha Tsui East
98PTsim Sha Tsui EastHang Hau (North)
98RHong Kong ColiseumHang Hau (North)
98SMei FooLOHAS Park station
99Heng OnSai Kung
99RUniversity stationSai Kung (North)
230XTsuen Wan (Allway Gardens)Whampoa Garden
234ASea Crest VillaTsuen Wan West station
234BSea Crest VillaTsuen Wan West station
234CSham TsengKwun Tong (Tsui Ping North Estate)
234DTsing Lung TauKwun Tong (Tsui Ping North Estate)
234PBayview GardenStar Ferry
234XBayview GardenTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
235Kwai Chung (On Yam)Tsuen Wan
235MKwai Chung (On Yam)Kwai Fong station
237AKwai Shing (Central)Tsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
238MTsuen Wan (Riviera Gardens)Tsuen Wan station
238PTsuen Wan (Riviera Gardens)China Ferry Terminal
238XTsuen Wan (Riviera Gardens)China Ferry Terminal
240XWong Nai TauKwai Hing station
241XCheung ChingOi Man
242XCheung HangTsim Sha Tsui (Middle Road)
242XTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)Cheung Hang
243MMayfair GardensTsuen Wan (Discovery Park)
243PMayfair GardensTsuen Wan (Discovery Park)
248MTsing Yi stationCheung Wang
249MTsing Yi stationMayfair Gardens
249XTsing Yi stationPok Hong
249XTsing Yi stationTai Wai station
251AKam Sheung Road stationSheung Tsuen
251BPat Heung RoadSheung Tsuen
251CKong Ha WaiPat Heung Road
251MSheung TsuenTsuen Wan station
252So Kwun WatTuen Mun Road Interchange
252BHandsome CourtTsim Sha Tsui
252XHandsome CourtLam Tin station
252XLam Tin stationChi Lok Fa Yuen (Castle Peak Road)
252XSo Kwun WatLam Tin station
254RYuen Long (YOHO Mall)Shek Kong Airfield
258AHung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate)Lam Tin station
258DPo TinLam Tin station
258PHung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate)Lam Tin station
258PLam Tin stationHung Fuk Estate Hung Tin Road
258SShan KingLam Tin station
258XPo TinKwun Tong Ferry
259BTuen Mun Ferry PierTsim Sha Tsui (Middle Road)
259CSun Tuen Mun CentreTsim Sha Tsui (Middle Road)
259DLung Mun OasisLei Yue Mun Estate
259DYuet Wu VillaLei Yue Mun Estate
259ELung Mun OasisTsuen Wan station
259RHong Kong ColiseumTuen Mun Ferry Pier
259SLung Mun OasisKwun Tong Ferry
259XLung Mun OasisKwun Tong Ferry
260BTuen Mun CentralTsim Sha Tsui
260CSam ShingKwai Fong station
260RHong Kong ColiseumSiu Hong Court
260XPo TinHung Hom station
261Sam ShingCheung Wah
261BSam ShingKowloon station
261BSo Kwun WatKowloon station
261PTin Ping EstateSiu Hong Court
261SPo TinTin Ping Estate
261XSo Kwun WatCheung Wah
263Tuen Mun stationSha Tin station
263ATuen Mun stationHong Kong Science Park Phase III
263BTuen Mun stationFo Tan (Shan Mei Street)
263CTuen Mun stationTai Po Industrial Estate
264RTin YiuTai Po Market station
265BTin Shui Wai (Tin Heng)Mong Kok (Park Avenue)
265MTin Shui Wai (Tin Heng)Lai King (Lai Yiu)
265STin Shui Wai Town CentreTai Po Industrial Estate
267XSiu Hong CourtLam Tin station
268ALong Ping EstateKwun Tong Ferry Pier
268BLong Ping stationHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
268CLong Ping stationKwun Tong Ferry Pier
268CYuen Long ParkKwun Tong Ferry Pier
268MPark YOHOTsuen Wan West station
268PYuen Long (Shan Shui House)Kwun Tong Ferry Pier
268PKwun Tong Ferry PierLong Ping station
268XHung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate)Jordan (West Kowloon station)
268XYuet Ping House Long Ping EstateJordan (West Kowloon station)
269AWetland Park RoadKwai Fong Estate
269BTin Shui Wai Town CentreHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
269BTin Yan EstateHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
269CTin Shui Wai Town CentreKwun Tong Ferry Pier
269CTin TszKwun Tong Ferry Pier
269DTin FuLek Yuen
269DTin Shui Wai stationLek Yuen
269MTin Yan EstateCho Yiu
269PKwai Fong EstateWetland Park Road
269RHong Kong ColiseumTin Heng Estate
269STin Shui Wai Town CentreKwun Tong Ferry Pier
269XTin ShuiJordan (West Kowloon station)
270Tsui Lai GardenTin Ping Estate
270Tin Ping EstateTsui Lai Garden
270ASheung ShuiTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
270BSheung ShuiOlympic station
270BSheung ShuiMong Kok (Hoi Wang Road)
270BSham Shui Po (Pei Ho Street)Sheung Shui
270CLuen Wo HuiTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
270DLuen Wo HuiSham Shui Po
270PSheung ShuiKowloon station
270RHong Kong ColiseumLuen Wo Hui
270STsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)Luen Wo Hui
271Fu HengJordan (West Kowloon station)
271Tai Po CentralJordan (West Kowloon station)
271BFu HengJordan (West Kowloon station)
271PKau Lung HangTsim Sha Tsui (Canton Road)
271RHong Kong ColiseumTai Wo
271SHung Hom stationTai Wo
271XJordan (West Kowloon station)Fu Heng
272AUniversity stationPak Shek Kok
272ETai WoMong Kok (Park Avenue)
272KUniversity stationHong Kong Science Park
272PFu HengKwai Hing station
272SDiamond Hill stationHong Kong Science Park Phase III
272SHong Kong Science ParkDiamond Hill station
272XTai Po CentralMong Kok East station
273Fanling (Wah Ming)Fanling station
273ASheung Shui (Choi Yuen)Fanling (Wah Ming)
273AFanling (Wah Ming)Sheung Shui (Choi Yuen)
273BSheung Shui (Ching Ho)Sheung Shui station
273CTai Po (Kau Lung Hang)Tsuen Wan West station
273DSheung ShuiFanling (Wah Ming)
273PTai WoTsuen Wan West station
273SFanling (Fai Ming Road)Fanling station
273SFanling stationFanling (Wah Ming)
274Tai PingWu Kai Sha station
274PWu Kai Sha stationTai Po Industrial Estate
274XKwun Tong Ferry PierTai Po Central
275RTai Po Market stationWu Kau Tang
276Tin TszSheung Shui
276ATin Heng EstateTai Ping
276AYan Fu House Tin Fu CourtTai Ping
276BTin FuChoi Yuen
276CTin Shui Wai stationCheung Wah
276PTin Shui Wai stationSheung Shui
277ASha Tau KokLam Tin station
277ETin Ping EstateLam Tin station
277PTin Ping EstateLam Tin station
277XLuen Wo HuiLam Tin station
278AQueen's HillTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
278KLuen Wo HuiFanling station
278PTai PingTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
278XSheung ShuiTsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
279ALuen Wo HuiTsing Yi station
279BLuen Wo HuiKwai Hing station
279SWo Hop ShekCheung Ching
279XLuen Wo HuiTsing Yi station
280XSui Wo CourtTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
280XRoyal AscotTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
281Sha Tin (Sun Tin Wai)Tai Wai station
281AKwong YuenKowloon station
281AKowloon Central Post OfficeKwong Yuen
281BShek Mun EstateTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
281EHaiphong Road Tsim Sha TsuiKwong Yuen
281MSun Tin WaiKowloon Tong station
281XYiu OnTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
282Sha Tin CentralSun Tin Wai
283Sha Tin CentralMei Chung Court
284Sha Tin CentralRavana Garden
285Fo Tan Chun Yeung EstateSha Tin Central
285AFo Tan Chun Yeung EstateFo Tan station
286CLee OnCheung Sha Wan (Sham Mong Road)
286MMa On Shan Town CentreDiamond Hill station
286PMei Chung CourtCheung Sha Wan
286XHin KengSham Shui Po
287DHung Hom stationKam Ying Court
287PShui Chuen OMong Kok
287XShui Chuen OJordan
288Shui Chuen O (Upper)Sha Tin Central
288AShui Chuen OSha Tin Central
288BShui Chuen OWo Che
288BFo Tan (Shan Mei Street)Shui Chuen O
288CShui Chuen OHin Keng
288CHin KengShui Chuen O (Upper)
289KUniversity stationChevalier Garden
289RWong Shek PierSha Tin Central
290Choi MingTsuen Wan West station
290AChoi MingTsuen Wan West station
290ASau Mau Ping (Upper)Tsuen Wan West station
290BTseung Kwan O Industrial EstateTsuen Wan West station
290ETseung Kwan O Industrial EstateTsuen Wan West station
290XLOHAS Park stationTsuen Wan West station
291PHong Kong University of Science and Technology (South)Mong Kok
292PSai KungKwun Tong
293SHang Hau (Ngan O Road)Mei Foo
296ASheung TakNgau Tau Kok station
296CSheung TakCheung Sha Wan (Hoi Ying Estate)
296DSheung TakKowloon station
296MHang Hau stationTseung Kwan O (Hong Sing Garden)
296MTong Ming CourtTseung Kwan O (Hong Sing Garden)
296PSheung TakCheung Sha Wan
297Po LamHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
297PHang Hau (North)Hung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
298Hang Hau stationPak Shing Kok
298EHang Hau stationTseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
298FHang Hau stationTseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
298XHang Hau (North)Cheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street)
299XSha Tin CentralSai Kung
848Sha Tin RacecourseKwai Fong station
868Sha Tin RacecourseTuen Mun Central
869Sha Tin RacecourseTin Shui Wai Town Centre
872Sha Tin RacecourseTai Po Central
872XSha Tin RacecourseTai Po Central
887Sha Tin RacecourseMong Kok (Park Avenue)
888Sha Tin RacecourseSha Tin station
889Sha Tin RacecoursePing Tin
891Sha Tin RacecourseKowloon City Ferry Pier
893Sha Tin RacecourseHong Sing Garden
R78Fanling stationSan Wai Barracks
T74Tai WoKwun Tong Ferry Pier
T270Cheung WahTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
T277Sheung ShuiLam Tin station
W3Sheung ShuiJordan (West Kowloon station)
X42CCheung HangYau Tong
X42CHong Cheung House Cheung Hong EstateYau Tong
X42PCheung OnLam Tin station
X89DNai ChungKwun Tong Ferry Pier
X90Fire and Ambulance Services AcademyChoi Hung (Hung Ngok House)
N36Tsuen Wan stationLei Muk Shue
N39Tsuen Wan stationAllway Gardens
N41XHung Hom stationCheung Wang
N73Sha Tin CentralLok Ma Chau
N78Sheung ShuiSha Tau Kok
N237Mei FooKwai Shing
N241Cheung WangHung Hom station
N252Mei FooSam Shing
N260Mei FooTuen Mun Ferry Pier
N269Mei FooTin Tsz
N271Fu HengHung Hom station
N281Kam Ying CourtHung Hom station
N283Tsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)Wong Nai Tau
N287Tsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)Wu Kai Sha station
N290Tsuen Wan West stationLOHAS Park station
N293Sheung TakMong Kok (Park Avenue)
New World First Bus and Citybus NoFromTo
20Kai Tak (Muk On Street)Tai Kok Tsui (Island Harbourview)
20AHSR West Kowloon stationKai Tak
20RHong Kong ColiseumKai Tak (Muk On Street)
22Kai Tak Cruise TerminalFestival Walk
22MKai Tak Cruise TerminalTo Kwa Wan
22XKai Tak (One Victoria)Kai Tak station
50Tuen Mun (Ching Tin Estate)Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon station)
50MWo Tin EstateTuen Mun station
55Tuen Mun (Ching Tin Estate)Kwun Tong Ferry Pier
56Tuen Mun (Ching Tin Estate)Sheung Shui (Tin Ping Estate)
56ATuen Mun (Ching Tin Estate)Queen's Hill Fanling
78XQueen's Hill FanlingKai Tak
79XQueen's Hill FanlingCheung Sha Wan (West)
701Hoi Lai Estate/Nam Cheong stationMong Kok
701AHoi Ying EstateMong Kok
701SHoi Lai Estate/Nam Cheong stationMong Kok
702Hoi Lai Estate/Nam Cheong stationFestival Walk
702AHoi Ying EstatePak Tin Estate
702BPak Tin EstateHoi Ying Estate
702SSo UkCheung Sha Wan (Sham Shing Road)/Fu Cheong Estate
702SHoi Ying EstateSo Uk
790Oscar by the SeaTsim Sha Tsui (Mody Road)
792MTseung Kwan O stationSai Kung
793Tseung Kwan O Industrial EstateSo Uk
795Tseung Kwan O Industrial EstateCheung Sha Wan (Hoi Tat Estate)
795PTseung Kwan O Industrial EstateCheung Sha Wan (Hoi Tat Estate)
795XOscar by the SeaSo Uk
796PLOHAS ParkTsim Sha Tsui (East)
796STseung Kwan O stationNgau Tau Kok station
796RHong Kong ColiseumLOHAS Park
796XTseung Kwan O Industrial EstateTsim Sha Tsui (East)
796XTseung Kwan O stationTsim Sha Tsui (East)
797LOHAS ParkSan Po Kong
797LOHAS ParkTseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
797Tseung Kwan O stationSan Po Kong
797MTseung Kwan O stationTseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
798Tiu Keng Leng stationFo Tan (Chun Yeung Estate)
798ATseung Kwan O (Hong Sing Garden)Sha Tin station
798ASha Tin CentralTseung Kwan O (Hong Sing Garden)
798BLOHAS ParkSha Tin station
798BSha Tin CentralLOHAS Park
798PTseung Kwan O Industrial EstateTai Wai Station
798XTseung Kwan O Industrial EstateFo Tan (Chun Yeung Estate)
X797Fire and Ambulance Services AcademyTiu Keng Leng station
N20Tai Kok Tsui (Island Harbourview)Kai Tak (Muk On Street)
N796LOHAS ParkTsim Sha Tsui
N796Tsim Sha TsuiLOHAS Park
MTR Bus (Northwest New Territories) NoFromTo
506Tuen Mun Ferry PierSiu Lun
K51Fu TaiTai Lam
K51AFu TaiSo Kwun Wat
K52Tuen Mun stationLung Kwu Tan
K52ATuen Mun stationTsang Tsui
K52SLung Kwu TanTuen Mun station
K53Tuen Mun stationSo Kwun Wat
K54Wo Tin EstateTuen Mun Town Centre
K58Fu TaiCastle Peak Bay
K65Yuen Long stationLau Fau Shan
K65ATin Shui Wai stationLau Fau Shan
K66Tai TongLong Ping
K68Yuen Long Industrial EstateYuen Long Town Park
K73Tin HengYuen Long West
K74Tin Shui Wai Town CentreAu Tau
K75ATin Shui Wai stationHung Shui Kiu
K75PTin ShuiHung Shui Kiu
K75STin Shui Wai stationHung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate)
K76Tin HengTin Shui Wai station
K76SWetland Park RoadTin Shui Wai station
Cross-Harbour Tunnel NoFromTo
101Kennedy TownKwun Tong (Yue Man Square)
101RHappy Valley RacecourseKwun Tong (Yue Man Square)
101XKennedy TownKwun Tong (Yue Man Square)
102Shau Kei WanMei Foo
102PShau Kei WanMei Foo
102RHappy Valley RacecourseMei Foo
103Pokfield RoadChuk Yuen Estate
104Kennedy TownPak Tin
104Chak On EstateCentral Market
104RCentral Pier 5Mong Kok
105RWan Chai HKCECMei Foo
106Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Wong Tai Sin
106AWong Tai SinTai Koo (Kornhill Plaza)
106PSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Wong Tai Sin
107Wah KwaiKowloon Bay
107PLaguna VerdeCyberport
108Kai YipBraemar Hill
108Kowloon City (Shing Tai Street)Causeway Bay
109Central (Macau Ferry)Ho Man Tin
110Shau Kei WanTsim Sha Tsui East (Mody Road)
111Central (Macau Ferry)Ping Shek
111PChoi FookCentral (Macau Ferry)
112North PointSo Uk
113Kennedy Town (Belcher Bay)Choi Hung
115Central (Macau Ferry)Kowloon City Ferry
115PLaguna VerdeCentral (Macau Ferry)
116Quarry BayTsz Wan Shan (Central)
117Happy Valley (Lower)Sham Shui Po (Yen Chow Street)
117RHong Kong StadiumMong Kok
118Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Cheung Sha Wan (Sham Mong Road)
118Greenwood TerraceCheung Sha Wan (Sham Mong Road)
118PSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Cheung Sha Wan (Sham Mong Road)
170Wah Fu (Central)Sha Tin Station
171South HorizonsLai Chi Kok
171ALei Tung EstateLai Chi Kok
171PSouth HorizonsLai Chi Kok
171ROcean ParkMong Kok
182Central (Macau Ferry)Sha Tin (Yu Chui Court)
182XCentral (Macau Ferry)Yu Chui Court
H1Central (Star Ferry)Tsim Sha Tsui (Hankow Road)
H2Central (Star Ferry)Tsim Sha Tsui (Hankow Road)
N118Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Cheung Sha Wan (Sham Mong Road)
N121Central (Macau Ferry)Ngau Tau Kok
N122Shau Kei WanMei Foo
N170Wah Fu (Central)Sha Tin Central
N171Ap Lei Chau EstateLai Chi Kok
N182Central (Macau Ferry)Sha Tin (Kwong Yuen)
N368Central (Macau Ferry)Yuen Long (West)
N373Central (Macau Ferry)Luen Wo Hui
Eastern Harbour Crossing NoFromTo
302Tsz Wan Shan (North)Sheung Wan
302ATsz Wan Shan (North)North Point (Healthy Village)
307Central Ferry PiersTai Po Central
307Tai Po CentralSheung Wan
307ATai Po TauSheung Wan
307PCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)Tai Po (Ting Tai Road)
373Sheung ShuiCentral (Hong Kong station)
601Admiralty station (East)Po Tat
601PPo TatSheung Wan
601PHiu Lai CourtSheung Wan
603Central Ferry PiersPing Tin
603Ping TinAdmiralty
603Central (Rumsey Street)Ping Tin
603APing TinCentral Market
603ACentral (Rumsey Street)Ping Tin
603PCentral Ferry PiersPing Tin
603SPing TinCentral (Gilman Street)
606Choi WanSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
606AChoi WanYiu Tung Estate
606XKowloon BaySiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
606XKai YipSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
608Kowloon City (Shing Tak Street)Shau Kei Wan
608PSiu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Kowloon City (Shing Tak Street)
613On Tai (West)Shau Kei Wan
613AOn Tai (West)Heng Fa Chuen
619Shun LeeCentral (Macau Ferry)
619PShun LeeCentral (Macau Ferry)
619XShun LeeCentral (Macau Ferry)
621Laguna CityCentral (Hong Kong station)
641Central (Macau Ferry)Kai Tak (Kai Ching Estate)
671Ap Lei Chau (Lee Lok Street)Diamond Hill station
671XAp Lei Chau (Lee Lok Street)Diamond Hill station
673Sheung ShuiCentral (Hong Kong station)
673PSheung ShuiCentral (Rumsey Street)
678Sheung ShuiCauseway Bay (Eastern Hospital Road)
679Queen's Hill FanlingCentral (Hong Kong station)
680Ma On Shan (Lee On Estate)Admiralty station (East)
680Ma On Shan (Chung On)Admiralty station (East)
680BMa On Shan (Chevalier Garden)Admiralty station (East)
680PWu Kai Sha stationAdmiralty station (East)
680XWu Kai Sha stationCentral (Macau Ferry)
681Ma On Shan Town CentreCentral (Hong Kong station)
681PMa On Shan (Yiu On)Sheung Wan
682Ma On Shan (Wu Kai Sha station)Chai Wan (East)
682Ma On Shan (Lee On Estate)Chai Wan (East)
682AMa On Shan Town CentreChai Wan (East)
682AChai Wan (East)Nai Chung
682BSha Tin (Shui Chuen O Estate)Chai Wan (East)
682CCity One ShatinNorth Point
682PMa On Shan (Wu Kai Sha station)Chai Wan (East)
690Tseung Kwan O (Hong Sing Garden)Central (Exchange Square)
690PTseung Kwan O (Hong Sing Garden)Central (Exchange Square)
690SHang HauCentral (Exchange Square)
694Tiu Keng Leng stationSiu Sai Wan Estate
694STiu Keng Leng stationSiu Sai Wan Estate
N307Central (Macau Ferry)Tai Po Central
N307Tai Po CentralSheung Wan
N619Shun LeeCentral (Macau Ferry)
N680Ma On Shan (Kam Ying Court)Central (Macau Ferry)
N691Central (Macau Ferry)Tiu Keng Leng (King Ling Road)
Western Harbour Crossing NoFromTo
900Pak Shek KokWan Chai (Convention Centre)
904Lai Chi KokKennedy Town (Belcher Bay)
905Lai Chi KokExhibition Centre station
905AExhibition Centre stationLai Chi Kok
905PLai Chi KokWan Chai (Harbour Road)
907BKwong Fuk PlaygroundWan Chai (Convention Centre)
907CTai Po TauWan Chai (Convention Centre)
907CAdmiralty stationTai Po Tau
914Hoi Lai EstateCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
914PHoi Lai EstateCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
914XHoi Lai EstateCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
930Tsuen Wan West stationExhibition Centre station
930Exhibition Centre stationTsuen Wan (Discovery Park)
930ATsuen Wan West stationExhibition Centre station
930AWan Chai (Fleming Road)Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park)
930BKwai Shing (East)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
930XTsuen Wan (Discovery Park)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
933Tsuen Wan West stationSai Wan Ho
934Bayview GardenWan Chai (Fleming Road)
934AAllway GardensWan Chai (Fleming Road)
935Shek LeiWan Chai (Fleming Road)
935On YamWan Chai (Fleming Road)
936Shek Wai KokCauseway Bay (Cotton Path)
936ALei Muk ShueCauseway Bay (Cotton Path)
936AShek Wai KokCauseway Bay (Cotton Path)
948Cheung OnCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
948ACheung OnCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
948BGreenfield GardenCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
948ETsing Yi stationTai Koo (Kornhill Plaza)
948PCheung OnCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
948XCheung WangCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
950Tuen Mun (Ching Tin Estate)Exhibition Centre station
952Tuen Mun (Chi Lok Fa Yuen)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
952Tuen Mun (Chi Lok Fa Yuen)Admiralty (West)
952Ka Loon TsuenAdmiralty (West)
952Ma Wan PierAdmiralty (West)
952Wan Chai (Fleming Road)Tuen Mun (Chi Lok Fa Yuen)
952CSo Kwun WatTai Koo (Kornhill Plaza)
952CQuarry BaySo Kwun Wat
952PTuen Mun (Chi Lok Fa Yuen)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
952PHong Kong Gold CoastCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
952PSo Kwun WatCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
955Tuen Mun (Ching Tin Estate)Sai Wan Ho
960Kin SangExhibition Centre station
960ACentralHung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate)
960BKin SangQuarry Bay (King's Road)
960CFu Tai EstateCauseway Bay (Victoria Park)
960PHung Shui Kiu (Hung Yuen Road)Causeway Bay (Victoria Park)
960SFu Tai EstateCauseway Bay (Victoria Park)
960XHung Shui Kiu (Hung Yuen Road)Quarry Bay (King's Road)
960XQuarry Bay (King's Road)Hung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate)
961Shan KingWan Chai (Convention Centre)
961PLeung King EstateCauseway Bay (Victoria Park)
961SLeung King EstateCauseway Bay (Victoria Park)
962Tuen Mun (Lung Mun Oasis)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
962ATuen Mun (Yuet Wu Villa)Admiralty (Cotton Tree Drive)
962CTuen Mun (Lung Mun Oasis)Tai Koo (Kornhill Plaza)
962CSam ShingTai Koo (Kornhill Plaza)
962CQuarry BayTuen Mun (Lung Mun Oasis)
962GAdmiralty (West)Tuen Mun (Wu King Road)
962PTuen Mun (Lung Mun Oasis)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
962XTuen Mun (Lung Mun Oasis)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
967Tin Shui Wai (Tin Yan Estate)Admiralty (West)
967XTin Shui Wai (Tin Yan Estate)Causeway Bay
968Yuen Long (West)Causeway Bay (Tin Hau)
968Yuen Long ParkCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
968Fleming RoadYuen Long (West)
968AYuen Long (West)Causeway Bay (Tin Hau)
969Tin Shui Wai Town CentreCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
969Kingswood Villas (Locwood Court)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
969ATin Shui Wai Town CentreAdmiralty
969AWan ChaiTin Shui Wai (North)
969BTin Shui Wai Town CentreWan Chai
969BKingswood Villas (Locwood Court)Wan Chai
969BTin Shui Wai stationWan Chai
969CKingswood Villas (Maywood Court)Tai Koo (Kornhill Plaza)
969CTin Shui Wai Town CentreTai Koo (Kornhill Plaza)
969CQuarry BayTin Shui Wai (Tin Shui)
969NTin Shui Wai Town CentreCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
969PTin Shui Wai Town CentreCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
969XTin Shui Wai Town CentreCauseway Bay
970So UkCyberport
970XCheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street)Aberdeen
970XTin WanCheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street)
971Hoi Lai EstateAberdeen (Shek Pai Wan)
973Tsim Sha Tsui (Mody Road)Stanley Market
976Lok Ma Chau (San Tin)Sai Wan Ho
976ALok Ma Chau (San Tin)Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
978Wah MingExhibition Centre station
978ALuen Wo HuiExhibition Centre station
978BChi Fuk Circuit FanlingExhibition Centre station
979Queen's Hill FanlingCentral (Hong Kong station)
980AShek Mun EstateWan Chai (Fleming Road)
980XWu Kai Sha stationWan Chai (Fleming Road)
980XAdmiralty (East)Wu Kai Sha station
981PYiu OnWan Chai (Fleming Road)
981PAdmiralty (East)Yiu On
982CShek Mun EstateSai Wan Ho
982XYu Chui CourtWan Chai (Fleming Road)
982XShui Chuen OWan Chai (Fleming Road)
982XAdmiralty (East)Yu Chui Court
985Mei Tin (Mei Chi House)Wan Chai
985Admiralty (East)Mei Tin
985AMei Tin (Mei Chi House)Wan Chai
985BTin Sam VillageWan Chai
986Sha Tin WaiSai Wan Ho
988Nai ChungChai Wan (East)
989Fo Tan (Chun Yeung Estate)Sai Wan Ho
N930Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
N952Tuen Mun (Chi Lok Fa Yuen)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
N962Tuen Mun (Lung Mun Oasis)Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
N969Tin Shui Wai Town CentreCauseway Bay (Moreton Terrace)
P960Siu Hong station (North)Exhibition Centre station
P968Yuen Long (West)Causeway Bay (Tin Hau)
P969Long Ping stationCauseway Bay (Tin Hau)
X962Admiralty (West)Tuen Mun (Lung Mun Oasis)
X970South HorizonsCheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street)
Airport Bus NoFromTo
A10Ap Lei Chau (Lee Lok Street)Airport
A11North Point Ferry PierAirport
A12Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Airport
A17Sham WanAirport
A20Hung Hom stationAirport
A21Hung Hom stationAirport
A22Lam Tin stationAirport
A23Tsz Wan Shan (North)Airport
A25Kai TakAirport
A26Yau TongAirport
A26PYau TongAirport
A29Tseung Kwan O (Po Lam)Airport
A29PTseung Kwan O stationAirport
A29PLohas ParkAirport
A31Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)Airport
A32Kwai Chung EstateAirport
A33Tuen Mun Road InterchangeAirport
A33XTuen Mun (Fu Tai)Airport
A34Hung Shui Kiu (Hung Yuen Road)Airport
A36Kam Sheung Road stationAirport
A37Long Ping stationAirport
A38Tsuen Wan (Allway Gardens)Airport
A41Sha Tin (Yu Chui Court)Airport
A42Wong Nai TauAirport
A41PWu Kai Sha stationAirport
A43Fanling (Luen Wo Hui)Airport
A43PFanling (Luen Wo Hui)Airport
A47XTai Po (Fu Heng)Airport
NA11North Point Ferry PierHong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port
NA12Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port
NA20Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge Hong Kong PortWhampoa Garden
NA21Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge Hong Kong PortTai Kok Tsui (Hoi Fai Road)
NA29Tseung Kwan O (Po Lam)Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port
NA31Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)HZMB Hong Kong Port
NA32Kwai Chung EstateHZMB Hong Kong Port
NA33Tuen Mun (Fu Tai)Cathay Pacific City
NA36Kam Sheung Road stationCathay Pacific City
NA37Tin Shui Wai Town CentreCathay Pacific City
NA40Wu Kai Sha stationHZMB Hong Kong Port
NA41Sha Tin (Shui Chuen O)HZMB Hong Kong Port
NA43Fanling (Luen Wo Hui)HZMB Hong Kong Port
NA47Tai Po (Fu Heng)HZMB Hong Kong Port
External Routes (including Night Buses)NoFromTo
E11Tin Hau stationAsiaWorld–Expo
E11ATin Hau stationAsiaWorld–Expo
E11BTung Chung (Mun Tung Estate)Tin Hau station
E11STung Chung (Mun Tung Estate)Tin Hau station
N11Central (Macau Ferry)Airport
E21Tai Kok Tsui (Island Harbourview)AsiaWorld–Expo
E21AHo Man Tin (Oi Man Estate)Tung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)
E21BHo Man Tin (Oi Man Estate)Tung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)
E21CTai Kok Tsui (Island Harbourview)Aircraft Maintenance Area
E21DTai Kok Tsui (Island Harbourview)AsiaWorld–Expo
E21XTung Chung (Mun Tung Estate)Hung Hom station
N21Tsim Sha Tsui (Star Ferry)Airport
N21ATsim Sha Tsui (Star Ferry)Airport
E22Lam Tin (North)AsiaWorld–Expo
E22ATseung Kwan O (Hong Sing Garden)AsiaWorld–Expo
E22CTiu Keng Leng stationAircraft Maintenance Area
E22PYau TongAsiaWorld–Expo
E22STung Chung (Mun Tung Estate)Tseung Kwan O (Po Lam)
E22XYau TongAsiaWorld–Expo
E23Tsz Wan Shan (South)Airport
E23ATsz Wan Shan (South)Airport
N23Tsz Wan Shan (North)Tung Chung station/Airport
N26Yau TongTung Chung station/Airport
N29Tseung Kwan O (Hong Sing Garden)Tung Chung station/Airport
N30Yuen Long stationAirport (Cheong Tat Road)
E31Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park)Tung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)
N31Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park)Airport
E32Kwai Fong (South)AsiaWorld–Expo
E32AKwai Fong (South)Tung Chung Development Pier
E33Tuen Mun CentralAirport
E33PSiu Hong Station (South)Airport
E33PBlossom GardenAirport
E36Yuen Long (Pat Heung Road)Airport
E36AYuen Long (Tak Yip Street)Tung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)
E36PSheung TsuenAsiaWorld–Expo
E36SYuen Long (Ma Wang Road)Airport
E37Tin Shui Wai Town CentreAirport
E38Chung Ki House Tin Chung CourtAirport
E37CTin Shui Wai Town CentreAircraft Maintenance Area
E41Tai Po TauAsiaWorld–Expo
E42Sha Tin (Pok Hong)Airport
E42CSha Tin (Pok Hong)Aircraft Maintenance Area
E42PTung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)Fo Tan (Shan Mei Street)
N42Ma On Shan (Yiu On)Tung Chung station/Airport
N42AFanling (Luen Wo Hui)Tung Chung station
E43Fanling (Wah Ming)Tung Chung Development Pier
Disneyland Bus NoFromTo
R8DisneylandLantau Link Interchange
R33Tuen Mun stationDisneyland
R42Tai Wai stationDisneyland
Shuttle routes NoFromTo
S1Tung Chung stationAirport
S52Tung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)Aircraft Maintenance Area
S52ATung Chung NorthAircraft Maintenance Area
S52PTung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)Chun Ping Road (Asia Airfreight Terminal)
S56Tung Chung stationAirport
S64Tung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)Airport
S64CTung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)Catering Road East
S64PTung Chung (Ying Tung Estate)Catering Road East
S64XTung Chung (Mun Tung Estate)Airport
N64AirportTung Chung (Yat Tung Estate)
Cross-Border Bus NoFromTo
B1Tin TszLok Ma Chau Station
B2Ma Wang Road (San Shui House)Lok Ma Chau station
B3Tin Yan EstateLok Ma Chau station
B2Yuen Long stationShenzhen Bay Port
B2PTin Shui Wai (Tin Tsz Estate)Shenzhen Bay Port
B2XTin Shui Wai (Tin Yiu Estate)Shenzhen Bay Port
B3Tuen Mun Ferry PierShenzhen Bay Port
B3AShan King Estate (King Lok House)Shenzhen Bay Port
B3MShenzhen Bay PortTuen Mun station
B3XTuen Mun Town CentreShenzhen Bay Port
B4AirportHZMB Hong Kong Port
B5Sunny Bay stationHZMB Hong Kong Port
B6Mun Tung EstateHZMB Hong Kong Port
B7Sheung Shui (Po Wan Road)Heung Yuen Wai Port
B8Tai Wai stationHeung Yuen Wai Port
B9Tuen Mun stationHeung Yuen Wai Port
Park Island Bus NoFromTo
NR330Park IslandTsing Yi Station
NR331Ma Wan (Pak Yan Road)Tsuen Wan Station (Sai Lau Kok)
NR331SMa Wan (Pak Yan Road)Tsuen Wan West Station (Nina Tower)
NR332Park IslandMetroplaza
NR334Park IslandAirport
NR338Park IslandCentral Pier No.2
Discovery Bay Bus NoFromTo
DB01RMarina DriveTung Chung Station
DB02ADB North PlazaAirport
DB02RDiscovery Bay PlazaAirport
DB03PDB North PlazaSunny Bay Station
DB03RMarina DriveSunny Bay Station
DB08RDiscovery BayCentral
1Discovery Bay PlazaHeadland Drive
2Discovery Bay PlazaMidvale Village
3Discovery Bay PlazaParkvale Village
4DB North PlazaCoastline Villa
5Discovery Bay PlazaLa Serene
6Discovery Bay PlazaSeabee Lane
9Caperidge DriveChianti
18Discovery Bay PlazaIL PICCO
Lantau Island Bus NoFrom
1Mui Wo
N1Mui Wo
1RHung Hom (Hung Luen Road)
1SMui Wo
2Mui Wo
2SMui Wo
3MMui Wo
3RTung Chung Town Centre
4Mui Wo
11Tung Chung Town Centre
11ATung Chung Town Centre
11RTung Chung Town Centre
11STung Chung Town Centre
13STung Chung Town Centre
21Tai O
21STai O
23Tung Chung Tat Tung Road
23STung Chung Town Centre
34Tung Chung Tat Tung Road
A35Mui Wo
N35Mui Wo
36Tung Chung Tat Tung Road
36XMun Tung Estate
37Ying Tung Estate
37AYu Nga Court
37HYing Tung Estate
37MYing Tung Estate
37PYat Tung Estate (Yu Tung Road)
37STung Chung Pier
N37Ying Tung Estate
38Yat Tung Estate
38XYat Tung Estate (Yu Tung Road)
N38Yat Tung Estate
39MMun Tung Estate
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